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For many people in our society, day-to-day life has become a continuous struggle to survive. Seniors of all ages, children and young people, are living a moment of social, moral, and economic history, which highlights the pillars on which our society has been based, “selfishness and vanity”. Both attitudes incompatible with the good work of any society that aspires to a more balanced order at all levels, with respect to their fellow citizens. Society and spirituality, far from being alien to each other, are two sides of the same coin, since they go implicitly together and inseparable.

The ethical and moral values ​​are necessary to establish a society of order, of firm and secure equilibrium, where the individuals that form it, can feel safe and carry out, that for which they are on Earth, their own evolution.

It will not be that the events that now occur, make us consider life, our existence more thoroughly. Looking for the reason for all this. Perhaps, it helps us reflect that we are more vulnerable than we imagine. Nature itself teaches us of its potentials, of its movements of the planet. It makes us see, that in an instant, everything can disappear before our eyes. This fact should make us truly humble and charitable. The planet is shared, society is experienced with its greatest achievements of evolutionary order.

The current class of society says a lot about those who govern us. And also of the governed. The lack of justice, humility, charity, love in short, is what leads us to the ordeal of despair, social and economic disorder, poverty and lack of dignity. We are seeing, feeling and experiencing, what throughout our lives, we have been cultivating. The hatred, the resentment, the resentment, the struggle with each other, because they have educated us so that we feel others as enemies, instead of as true friends, where we can support ourselves. A society of individuals who live in authentic fraternity and union, is difficult to manipulate or alienate, because they are able to live with a high degree of consciousness, education based on worthy values ​​of souls left behind, inner struggle, revenge and hatred.

A society without spirituality, is a dead society that sooner or later, will suffer real convulsions, to live only from the material and not to notice the feelings of union and love. A society devoid of spirituality, is an inert being, automaton and unable to reflect on where his steps take him.

If we imagine for a moment a society based on true spirituality, we would see it totally different; we could perceive its sparkles that are created, its links with others and we would feel brothers and not strangers.

It would be the triumph to which man is destined, to live in harmony with his fellows.

“A society without spirituality is like a garden without flowers. It is a rose without perfume. ”


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