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Cashmere scarf more and more used as fashion accessories

Of course, if you are a woman, you know that a scarf is an indispensable accessory in any wardrobe. It can not only serve many purposes, but it also complements any kind of clothing. Trends follow and you may have to empty your closet for all the out-of-fashion clothes, but you can be sure that a scarf is an accessory that will never be outdated. Although it’s mostly winters, we see colorful scarves adorned by everyone around us, but it’s no longer limited to colder weather. Young women wear more and more beautiful scarves under other weather conditions. For example, on a beautiful sunny day, many women use it to tie their hair to prevent them from destroying the breeze. Many use it at the waist as a fashion accessory. And today, when the dividing line between men’s and women’s clothing falls more and more, it is also worn by many guys around the neck. Yes, a scarf has become an ubiquitous fashion accessory, without which no one can stay. But nothing can match the immediate appeal and style of a cashmere scarf that guarantees you immediate attention, even in a room full of hundreds of people.

The word cashmere originated in the Indian state of Kashmir, where the goats from which cashmere wool originates were originally discovered. And while India was at once, the biggest exporter of cashmere products, like a cashmere scarf, has now been excluded by other countries, though it continues to produce large quantities. The United States, Australia and some European countries have now understood the potential of the existing large cashmere market and started exporting them in large quantities to meet increasing demand. However, China has become the largest exporter.

The scarves have a very interesting history, and their origins can probably be attributed to the Roman Empire, as these scarves were used as clothes called sudarium. He had to dry sweat in hot, humid weather. The ancient empires of ancient empires used it as an accessory to differentiate the different regimes and even other armies. This was also useful for differentiating the enemy during wartime. But over time, it has also seduced normal people, especially women, and has increasingly begun to be used as a fashion accessory.

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